Friday, May 18, 2007

Japanese Ink and Brush: Tabo

Tabo Painting

Believe it or not, Tabo ripping up his own work

Thumbing through Tabo's work

Interview with Tabo

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Tabo at work

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Tabo at work

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Tabo at work

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A finished work

Artist: Tabo (translator Joey Yasumatsu)
Medium: Painting
Location: Union Square in front of the George Washington statue

New York is one of those cultural Meccas that draws artists from all over the world. Case in point: Tabo of Tokyo, Japan has come to New York to start his global career. Despite working in galleries and studios in Japan and presenting at a recent exhibition in Chelsea, New York, Tabo has flown across the earth to perform in Union Square because “he’s thinking New York is like the center of the whole world and that Unions Square is the center of New York.”

Tabo has been painting since he was 20 when he was inspired by watching shows about art and started experimenting with the human form and clothing. From that point on “he’s been drawing only women.” About 15 years ago Tabo began working with his special variation of Japanese ink.

Usually known to paint only at exhibitions/performances in galleries in Japan, Tabo has decided to begin painting in public in New York. He likes performing in the street because “it just feels good” and he loves the attention of the people. However, Tabo does not sell his street art. His gallery work is done on a much nicer material and Tabo has no qualms about ripping up the work he feels is done strictly for performance.

Tabo was recently in town for an exhibition at The New Century Artist’s Gallery. Although he started his career in Japan, he now wants people to get to know him and thinks New York is the starting point for all this. Tabo hopes to stay in the U.S. and perform in New York forever, carrying out his motto: “Let’s continue having fun.”

Like what you see? Check out
Tabo’s artistic influences - World famous calligrapher Inoue Yuichi and New York artist Basquiat (this second one could be spelled wrong, probably is)

Tabo’s website -, which includes his schedule and a list of his works and awards.

Really like what you see? Contact him


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