Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guitar: Geo

Geo playing

Geo playing

Interview with Geo

Artist: Geovanni “Geo” Suquillo
Medium: Guitar
Location: Union Square Station on the mezzanine above the Q,N,R platforms

Geovanni Suquillo, or Geo as his fans know him, has come to New York by way of Ecuador and then Europe. As a boy in Ecuador Geo started studying guitar 13-15 years ago, went to school for it and then went to tour Europe where he played in several cities in several countries including Spain, France and Norway.

While he was abroad Geo always wanted to come to New York to “know what’s happening here.” Therefore, after studying with an important guitarist in Spain Geo packed up and came the U.S. In the end he decided he liked it so much he stayed.

Now that he’s in New York, Geo plays in the subway to support his true goal, composing music for movies. Geo is studying composition and works to create music in his own style which he characterizes as a fusion. “Fusion because it’s…my roots, my Latin culture and I pick some little harmonies from things like jazz and Spanish/Flemenco music.” Geo particularly likes instrumental works and is influenced by musicians like Yanni. He find the New Age style relaxing and likes the peace and meditative thought it invokes.

Geo says that he enjoys playing in the subway for several reasons. Not only is it fun, but most of the work he receives and the fans he has made have come from his subway work.
“Sometimes you don’t make money but you have something to in the weekend…you always have some birthday party, wedding, something.” This space is like a commercial on TV he explains, maybe even better. He also notes that he’s happy to play underground as he makes more money than working in another job.

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Check out his influences - Yanni and, please forgive me and watch interview, I can't spell anyone else's name

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Live Appearances In November '07: Greg Patillo and Eric Stevenson, Max ZT, Trip, Luke Ryan, Melissa the Loud

Greg Patillo and Eric Stevenson’s performance info below video

Most days at midnight at the Broadway-Lafyette station going downtown. Tell ‘em Concretebeat sent you.

They also perform regularly at the night club The Box

Max ZT’s performance info below video

Thursday, November 29th
Galapagos Art Space
70 N. 6th St
$7 cover ($5 for mailing list)
(L train to Bedford)

performing with quintet Naya:
Moto Fukushima (bass)- www.motobass.com
Luke Notary (percussion)- www.lukenotary.com
Rich Stein (percussion)
Brandon Terzic (guitar)- www.bluesufi.com
Max ZT (dulc)

Trip's performance below info below video

November 28th at the Lion's Den, New York

Luke Ryan

9 bleeker street......
November 30...8:00.....212 677 5918
also visit myspace.com/mocombolounge

Melissa's performance info below video

Every Wednesday, 7:00-10:30pm
Je'Bon, 15 St. Marks Place


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Electric Guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, fiddle, saxaphone: King's County Crawlers

The King's County Crawler's playing with some awesome solos

The King's County Crawlers playing

The King's County Crawlers

An interview with the King's County Crawlers

Artists: Nikhil P. Yerawadekar, Mikey Hart, Dave Dawda, Liz Hanley, Aurora Nealon
Medium: Electric guitar (Nikhil), Acoustic Guitar (Mikey), Bass (Dave), Fiddle (Liz), Saxaphone (Aurora)
Location: Washington Square Park (West side by the statue)

The Kings County Crawlers are a primarily a bluegrass band composed of people who, primarily, just got into bluegrass about 6 months ago (that’s about the time they started playing together). The band is comprised of four regulars who met at NYU and, in this case, a guest appearance by a saxophonist who is a friend but isn’t officially in the group.

Nikhil P. Yerawadekar is a Queens resident and has been in NY all his life. He’s been playing music for about as long and has decided to remain in the city for the music scene. He recently got into bluegrass and is also a big fan of traditional jazz and swing. Nikhil studied music education at NYU and is teaching but “I’m not gonna say where ‘cause I don’t wanna make the reputation bad or anything.” How modest.

Mikey Hart, the raspy lead voice of the Crawlers hails from Lack Charles, Louisiana. I caught Mikey while he was tallying up the proceeds from the day’s work and, when asked why he’s in New York he hollered out “there’s $60, someone remember” and with a grin said “the money.” Mikey grew up playing music but notes that bluegrass isn’t really a Louisiana thing, that’s really jazz and Cajun sounds. Instead, he says, “I’m appropriating bluegrass” although he reminded me that both styles of music do have the fiddle in common.

Dave Dawda is from Seattle, Washington and came to New York for music and school. Like his band members he’s been into music his whole life and has studied music at NYU. Dave is happy to be playing with his friends reminiscing that “we started this up a few months ago, it’s been fun, it’s fun to get out in the sun, you know, relaxin’.”

Liz Hanley is a Redsocks girl. Well, I don’t know that but she is from Boston, Massachusetts. She told me she studies classical violin at NYU (to which her band members all chimed in – “ooh fancy.”) and that bluegrass is “something I recently decided I like…there’s a lot of music around, you just get into it.” Liz commented that some her liking of bluegrass, though, has to do with her liking of her great band.

Aurora Nealon is all the way from California and has come to NY for music. She was in New Orleans for the past two or three years but after Katrina made her way up to New York. She likes New York but misses New Orleans lamenting that “it’s getting smaller and smaller.” While not officially a member of the Crawlers, Aurora is their friend and, when they found her playing in Washington Square Park when they arrived, invited her to play.

The King’s County Crawlers thoroughly enjoy playing outside. Nikhil explains: “[you] don’t have to deal with bad owners…a lot of the problems with clubs, like them taking the money from you, doesn’t exist because you have a direct interaction with the audience. And it’s nice to be in the out of doors.”
Like what you hear? Check out some of their influences
Some Influences: Carter Family, Bob Wills, Bruce Arnold, Bono, Winton

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