Tuesday, July 3, 2007

R and B Vocals and Keyboard: Sean Fingers

Sean playing

A Sean Fingers original

An interview with Sean Fingers

Artist: Sean Fingers
Medium: Vocals and keyboard
Location: 59th Street Station on the downtown A, C platform

For Sean Fingers it wasn’t really a choice, in his family “if you didn’t play and sing something you were black sheep, oddball.” This Queens native comes from a long line of musicians, including one of his greatest influences, Thomas McClary, who played guitar with the Commodores. But music wasn’t forced on Sean, rather “it was always inside of me but my family influenced it to come out.”

Despite his connections to many musicians, Sean taught himself how to play and sing. “I watched the greatest people, man…and I asked them to teach me and they wouldn’t show me nothin’…when they saw me do what I do they felt like school would take away the love, and I understand that now.”

Sean says he loves playing in the streets and subways. “This is a spiritual connection with people. God has got me out here just to touch the hearts, I believe.” Although he frequently plays gigs and is currently playing for The Legendary Intruders, he contends that he’ll never stop. “I could have a million dollars in the bank and I’ll still come down.”

Although he has been deeply influenced by his relatives like Thomas McClary and his personal favorites like Stevie Wonder, Sean also gives props to anyone who has their heart in their work for inspiration. “If you could bang a can, and I feel you…yeah.”

Sean started his love of music by writing original music but stopped playing his own songs in public for fear of being ripped off. The exclusive original track here, however, carries his message that “if you don’t have love in your life you’re not living.” Also, Sean has these words for his fans: “Look into yourself for the truth, look to God for the love, and the rest will follow…you gotta have some kinda faith, you can’t live every day thinking it’s promised to you ‘cause it’s not.”

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Sean's musical influences - Stevie Wonder, The Commodores, The Legendary Intruders

Really like what you hear? Contact Sean
718- 404-5146

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