Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guitar: Geo

Geo playing

Geo playing

Interview with Geo

Artist: Geovanni “Geo” Suquillo
Medium: Guitar
Location: Union Square Station on the mezzanine above the Q,N,R platforms

Geovanni Suquillo, or Geo as his fans know him, has come to New York by way of Ecuador and then Europe. As a boy in Ecuador Geo started studying guitar 13-15 years ago, went to school for it and then went to tour Europe where he played in several cities in several countries including Spain, France and Norway.

While he was abroad Geo always wanted to come to New York to “know what’s happening here.” Therefore, after studying with an important guitarist in Spain Geo packed up and came the U.S. In the end he decided he liked it so much he stayed.

Now that he’s in New York, Geo plays in the subway to support his true goal, composing music for movies. Geo is studying composition and works to create music in his own style which he characterizes as a fusion. “Fusion because it’s…my roots, my Latin culture and I pick some little harmonies from things like jazz and Spanish/Flemenco music.” Geo particularly likes instrumental works and is influenced by musicians like Yanni. He find the New Age style relaxing and likes the peace and meditative thought it invokes.

Geo says that he enjoys playing in the subway for several reasons. Not only is it fun, but most of the work he receives and the fans he has made have come from his subway work.
“Sometimes you don’t make money but you have something to in the weekend…you always have some birthday party, wedding, something.” This space is like a commercial on TV he explains, maybe even better. He also notes that he’s happy to play underground as he makes more money than working in another job.

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