Monday, March 17, 2008

Blues Guitar: Kappa

Kappa playing and original tune

Kappa playing jazzed up covers

Interview with Kappa

Artist: Kappa
Medium: Guitar
Location: Union Square on the downtown Q platform

My friend is always telling me that the Japanese are taught English rather rigorously in school and that they all speak more than I think and Kappa has proven him right. The first Japanese musician I’ve interview who isn’t in a group with some fluent English speaker, Kappa has been in New York for only one month but had very little trouble understanding my questions and only a little more difficulty finding his answers.

Kappa is from Hiroshima and came all the way to the Big Apple to play guitar. He’s been playing for 10 years and, while he has a band back in Japan and enjoys busking there, he’s decided to try his luck overseas. Kappa has been enjoying himself in NY and enjoys sharing his music with its people. As in Hiroshima he continues to enjoy busking but is also looking to play gigs in the city.

Kappa’s style is heavily influenced by African-American music. “I love black music. For example, jazz and blues and R&B, soul…”

Kappa doesn’t know how long he’ll stay in NY but let’s hope it’s a while, his smooth R&B guitar and jazzed up covers are a great thing to run into on a boring Sunday in the subway.

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Annette S said...

Your blog is really interesting. Watching people perform on the streets and subways is one of my favorite hobbies since I came to NYC. I'm so glad to know there are people like you who take the time and promote the culture and hidden talent on the streets of New York.

Gabrien said...

I saw Kappa in the subway at 34th street. He was amazing. I stepped off the train and stood still because I heard this amazing music.

Does you know if he has a myspace page?

Toner said...

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sejun said...

could you tell me the name of song
that kappa played on second video?

black mondae said...

hey there!

I was wondering since Im from Singapore and there is tons of street artist, can I make another blog like yours and maybe we can link to each other.

hope you reply soon.

yours truly,

black mondae said...

Hey the one you said was his original song actualy is a song by Angie stone called Wish I didnt miss you.

COOL blog by the way.

black mondae


Bobby said...

Kappa .... dude i love ur guitaring.

If ur coming to Malaysia contact me

Anonymous said...

Hei, if you ever hear from Kappa again, you can tell him that he´s wanted in Estonia : D
Love his guitaring, could use some cheering up myself... : D


Anonymous said...

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