Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Acrylic Paint and Marker: Pesu

Artist: Pesu
Medium: Acrylic paint and marker
Location: Union Square in front of the statue near 14th street

Interview with Pesu

Pesu painting in real time

Pesu's painting sped up

A work in progress
Originally uploaded by concretebeat.

A painting in progress

Pesu with his painting
Originally uploaded by concretebeat.

Pesu with his piece (the tatoo reads "Life is Art")

Pesu is an ex-graffiti artist from Shizoka, Japan, which is near Mt. Fuji. Pesu has left his village and come to New York to gain a reputation as big as his hometown’s mountainous monument.

Pesu taught himself to paint and started working in graffiti after he was inspired by work he saw in Tokyo. Due to an eye injury and various operations, he was unable to pursue a normal education and decided to stick it out with art. Although a lover of graffiti, Pesu laments that now “graffiti sucks” because “the public has killed it.” To compensate, Pesu has moved on to a more legal, but no less inspired form of art.

Now, Pesu does freestyle acrylic painting. He says all of the designs are strictly from his own mind and all his work is completely original. However, Pesu is inspired by his home country and in the painting above has incorporated an homage to Japan in his use of a white background, a red point and stark black lines. Most recently, Pesu has decided to work outside in the street for stimulation/inspiration as well as exposure. This is Pesu’s second attempt at working in public and he says he likes it because he meets all sorts of people who are interested in painting and in his style.

Pesu carries a simple motto with him from Japan, literally. Tattooed on his arm is the phrase “Life is Art,” and he takes that message to people wherever he goes. To Pesu, art is a normal function of life - “painting, anyone can do it, if you can walk, if you can talk…life is art and art is life.”

Like what you see? Contact Pesu and get a painting
yushi@pesuart.com or check out his website

Really like what you see?
Pesu does live painting sessions at clubs once or twice a month, contact him to find out where his next gig will be


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