Friday, March 30, 2007

Brass Band: Underground Horns

Underground Horns playing

Underground Horns still playing after intense 3 hours

Interview with the Underground Horns

Artists: Welf Dorr (alto sax), Nick Gianni (baritone sax), Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen (trombone), Michael Irwin (trumpet), Gunter Gruner (drums)
Medium: Alto saxaphone, baritone saxaphone, trombone, trumpet, drums
Location: 42nd Street Times Square near the S platform

The Underground Horns are a band, if you can even call them that (they haven’t actually chosen a name, yet). In truth, as spectacular as the Underground Horns are, they are new to playing in this form. Generally the Horns, which have not officially chosen that name, play in a group of 40 and not in the street. This incarnation, though is composed of five members:

Gunter Gruner, from Germany, plays the drums and got into music “by accident.” His father had a drumset at home and one day just he started playing for the rest of his life.

Welf Dorr, from Munich, Germany is on the alto sax. He started playing music with the piano but decided he liked the sax after listening to it. Aside from being a member of the Underground Horns he also plays with another band - Funk Monk.

Nick Gianni was born and raised in NY and “he’s what you call a multi-instrumentalist.” Because his Grandfather played sax Nick decided to play guitar…and bass…and violin…and banjo until, at last, he came back around to play the baritone sax with Underground Horns.

Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen is from Vermont. Like many of the others, her music is a family affair. Her father played trombone so she got into it too.

Mike Irwin hails from Washington Heights and plays the “ribadee”, A.K.A. the trumpet. He also describes his music as a “family thing” including his “dad, uncle, mom [and] third cousin.”

The five play together a lot but usually in standard venues and at gigs in a group of about 40 people. The street thing got started when Welf called Mike about a week ago and this is only their second or third time playing together in the subway.

The Underground Horns are a pretty tight group and each cites the other members as their inspiration and musical influence – cross pollination they call it. They characterize their music as fun/spiritual.

The Horns also have one of the more unique reasons for playing in the subway. There is, of course, the money but, if you can believe their sarcasm, they also play for “celebrity sightings” and to meet other musicians. The Horns find it fun to play in public because there are all sorts of people, children and hecklers. Also, as Mike points out “it’s good to show people that there are other things to do besides go to work.”

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You can get contact with the band through the following members
Elizabeth Dotson-Wesphalen:
Nick Gianni:


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