Monday, February 5, 2007

Brass Band: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: From the new CD

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: From the old CD

Interview with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Artist: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Medium: Brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, souxaphone) with drumset
Location: Union Square, NYC outside of the Wholefoods

Hypnotic Brass hails from Chicago, props to the Midwest. The self proclaimed "hardest working band in the world", is composed of 8 brothers, all of whom learned to play instruments starting at the ages of 4 and 5 from their parents. They're father, Kelan Phil Cohran is their inspiration and is a successful muscician in his own right. Hypnotic Brass has played in virtually every major city in the US and has performed internationally.

I managed to snag an introduction to all the members:

Like what you see? Check out
Investigate their primary influence: Kelan Phil Cohran who also worked with Un Ra
Don't know these artists? There's a google search bar at the top left of the this page.
or email them at

Really like what you see?
They're performing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music February 16 and 17 with Mos Def.


KelanZulu-Productions said...

The Bro's R BAD...

Here is a link totheir father Kelan Phil Cohran on the Secret History of Chicago Music Version of Chic ca go go

Hypnotic Brass Video for War

Lavon of Sol Cyrans Innernational

KelanZulu-Productions said...

Greetings to everyone in cyberspace & all other places you exist,
In the past 2 years Bro Kelan Phil Cohran has increased his visibility and music access throughout the world. As many of you know Bro Phil's contributions to musicology were overlooked for 40 + years. We want you to know there is moor rare music to come, moor movement, & expect moor as Bro Phil share's his enlightenment with the other visionaries throughout the world! Bro Phil turns 81 years old on May 8 that's almost 2 weeks for now...

Please heed this call from Sol Cyrans cuz we need your assistance...We gonna lyte a candle & blaze a fya on dis one! Vultures throughout the world are bootlegging Bro Phil's music or selling it without his permission. (This isn't a bad thing cuz it exposes more masses to the music...)

Then there are those people with expired contracts who continue to distribute his music throughout the world...(the ancestors will deal wif dem, they mite need more dan a prayer maybe a lil borax to cleanse dey azz)

Here's what we need from
1. Go to your local record store and purchase a copy of On The Beach either CD or LP....(the more this record is sold in stores the more we can keep track of these items)

2. share these youtube videos with someone you know!,,,

3. Keep Bloggin


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