Friday, February 23, 2007

Electric Bass Guitar: Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson playing

Larry Wilson playing some more

Interview with Larry Wilson (this, by the way, is one of the correct pronunciations of New York)

Artist: Larry Wilson
Medium: Electric bass guitar
Location: Union Square Station L train platform

Larry Wilson has been playing the electric bass guitar for 30 years. Raised in East New York and South Jamaica (that’s in New York, too) in the 60s this is how it all went down:

“I Played violin from third grade to my first year in college. I picked up the bass in 10th grade. When I was in high school I played violin in the concert orchestra, played French Horn in the concert band. You know, like I said, not the coolest instruments. It really took an artist friend of mine to inform me that any instrument is cool so long as you’re playing it and you know what you’re doing with it.”

After high school, Larry attended college in Indiana. He found he couldn’t really hang with the violinist crowd and, although there was no electric bass major, Larry stuck with the instrument. He’s convinced he must have impressed someone, though, as he brought a whole new sound to campus. “None of the bass players I met out there played anything like me” he recalls, “as far as with, like, the slapping and all a’ that.” Eventually Larry found his niche with jazz musicians. After college, Larry returned to New York and knocked around with some funk, disco and rock bands.

Larry’s mother died in 2001. Having lost a sense of purpose, Larry took to playing his music in the street to relieve his mind. Last June, Larry lost his job and now he devotes his time to brightening the hustle and bustle of pedestrians with his smooth bass lines. If this happens to pay his bills, all the better. “I remember back in the day I would play my violin in the park and what-not, only just for practice and, you know, would be surprised when people would throw money at me.”

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Larry's influences - Stanley Clark, Alfonso Johnson, Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten
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718-581-4698 (messages only)


Steve said...

A six-string bass? I haven't heard anyone play that since Jack Bruce in Cream! :-) Very rare, and even more rarely played well! His comments about Stanley Clarke make sense!

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