Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Voice (R&B, Motown): Lenny Forest Jr.

Happy Valentine's Day - here's some advice

Lenny singing

Lenny singing another song

A short interview with Lenny Forest Jr.

Artist: Lenny Forest Jr.
Medium: Voice
Location: 42nd Street Station on the downtown ACE platform

When Lenny Forest Jr. says “it’s in my blood” he means it. He’s a musician who has played with Harold Melving and the Blue Notes and the Intruders and his father was a musician who played Ray Charles, Dee Clark and Jackie Wilson. He also means it when he says “you can’t eat popcorn and sing.”

Originally from Philadelphia, PA Lenny has made his way to New York and brings some R&B/Blues goodness to all the otherwise weary commuters.

Also, heed Lenny's Valentine's Day advice

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Influences - Harold Melving, the Intruders, Ray Charles, Dee Clark, Jackie Wilson
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