Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alternative Blues - Guitar and Vocal: Luke Ryan

Luke playing

Luke Playing

Luke playing

Interview with Luke

A quick plug for Luke's music production biz - Hootch Studios

Artist: Luke Ryan – Mocombo Lounge Productions
Medium: Guitar and vocals
Location: 42nd Street Grand Central Station by the S train platform

Luke Ryan is a funny guy with a quick wit, but you’ll really have to watch interview to see what I mean (it’s that first one liner that really kills). Hailing from Georgia, Luke now lives in Astoria, Queens where he runs Hootch Studios, a home based recording studio and writes his tunes.

Luke got into playing because “like any old hippie [he] wanted to be Jim Morrison.” To that end he taught himself to the play the guitar and began to write music. Luke notes that one of his reasons for playing in public is the same reason that American Idol is so persistent, people just want to be heard. In his case, in the subway, “you create your stage, if you can’t find a stage, you bring your stage with you.” The other reason is playing in the subway is an “opportunity to play long, long hours, get the chops up and still make money…theoretically.”

Luke typically plays at Grand Central by the L train about twice a week but can also be found around the city. Aside from this, Luke runs a recording studio for $70 per production.

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Luke’s influences – Tom Waits, Warren Zevon, Leonard Cohen

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Anonymous said...

Great busker, great videos! NYC's best.

You should do the 'Saw Lady' (I saw her at Times Square day before yesterday. Check her out )