Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Origami Ornaments: Jeremy Walker

Interview with Jeremy Walker

Origami Ornaments
Originally uploaded by gruevie.

Some of Jeremy's pins, earrings and sculptures

Origami Ornaments
Originally uploaded by gruevie.

More of Jeremy's work (click to enlarge)

Artist: Jeremy Walker
Medium: Origami
Location: Union Square by 14th St. and University Ave.

Jeremy Walker makes origami earrings, necklaces, pins, ornaments, large models and window displays, table settings; you name it. A native Brooklynite, Jeremy’s been doing origami since he was seven. When people ask him how he learned he tells them it’s not hard, they could do it too, just go to the library and get a book on origami. Just don’t read the instructions.

Jeremy initially went to college for medical illustration. The field was tight, however, and Jeremy left college after his 7th semester to pursue his own art. He understands that a lot folks are afraid to go out on a limb to pursue their artistic passion for fear of rejection but that’s not his mentality, “you have to be out there as an artist, you have to show your stuff.”

Jeremy’s origami is all dipped in polyurethane or made from Mylar. As a result his paper constructs are durable and water resistant.

Aside from selling his work at Union Square, Brooklyn Heights Park Slope, Jeremy’s work is also sold at the American Museum of Folk Art and he does parties, weddings and other work on demand.

Like what you see?
Jeremy Walker often sells in Union Square, Brooklyn Heights, by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Really like what you see? Contact him and get some origami

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