Saturday, March 17, 2007

Trumpet, keyboard and Vocals: Subway Steve

Subway Steve playing

Interview with Subway Steve

Subway Steve sings and plays the trumpet and the keyboard all at the same time. This wasn’t always the case though, he’s only been doing it for about 30 years since he “accidentally put them together when [his] brother suggested it.” In those 30 years Steve has done a number of different things but making music has proven to be his favorite.

Steve doesn’t only play in the subway, he’s done restaurants and art shows as well; in fact, he played at the last art show at the Javits Center. However, true to his name, the subway is his favorite place because, as he’s keen to point out, “I’m the boss!” Not only does he get to make his own hours and about as much money but, believe it or not, he has a greater sense of control over the environment. In the subway there’s a different kind of tension than in a bar, he explains. In a bar, if someone comes over and wants to be stupid, the owner’s on their side whereas in the subway it’s even. Steve enjoys this free nature of the Subway. “They didn’t pay to come hear me play. That means that anyone who listens, it means that they want to.”

Subway Steve describes his music as uplifting and, occasionally, humorous. He says his inspirations are anything that give people hope and that any genre of music can do that.

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Favorite hangouts – midtown, 42nd St., 59th St.

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