Thursday, March 1, 2007

Cello and Beatboxing Flute: Greg Pattillo and Eric Stevenson

Cello and Flute playing

Interview with Greg and Eric

Artists: Greg Pattillo (flute) and Eric Stevenson (cello)
Medium: Flute, beatbox vocals and cello
Location: Union Square station on the 6 train platform

Greg Pattillo and Eric Stevenson define themselves as “acoustic instrumentalists” which, incidentally, is a “nice broad genre.” Avoiding confinement, the duo slide from classically inspired music to rock rhythms and even to some hip-hop flutations.

Greg, A.K.A. Beatboxing Flute, comes from Seattle and started flute lessons in the fourth grade. Although a righteous soul, he admits that he works for the man when he’s not playing music and laments that a person has “gotta get health insurance somehow.” Eric, a full time musician, hails from Kentucky. Initially starting on the violin, Eric decided at age three that he preferred the cello.

The two play music in the subway because for dinner money, because “it’s cold outside,” and to unleash their new music on a ripe, unsuspecting public. Greg explains the market economics driving their musical innovation: “people pay for what they like.”

Like what you see? Check out
Eric and Greg’s Influences – Charles Mingus, Gustav Mahler, Led Zeppelin, Ludwig Van Beethoven
Also see Greg’s other work under the name “beatboxing flute.” Here are some samples with beatboxing in them:
Inspector Gadget Theme
Super Mario Bros. Theme

Really like what you see? Get in contact, book them for a gig

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sofieeeeeeeeeeee! said...

i would like to know what the piece they are playing is called and the composer as i myself am a grade 7 cellist, and would like to experiment with this music

Anonymous said...

you can check out more info on these guys and what they're doing at They are doing some incredible stuff combining classical music with other genres. With world class classical music training and experience, these guys are second to none! Definitely worth checking out...and supporting! Their website says that a CD will be available in June. I can't wait!!!

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