Monday, March 19, 2007

Bachata -Guitar and Vocals: John Anthony

UPDATE: John Anthony has been signed to a new Latin music group. He's down in Florida making his way in the world. Kudos, John Anthony.

John playing

John explains his story

John talks about his musical aspirations and influences

A discussion of the definition of Bachata

Artist: John Anthony
Medium: Guitar and vocals
Location: 6th avenue L stop

Once I met this guy from Puerto Rico. He came to the US directly after high school with a promise from a band called Groupo Extreme. Unfortunately it was a lie, when he arrived in New York there was no one waiting for him and he was forced out onto the street. Luckily, though, his music skills had him earning enough money to get into a room and have him fed inside of four days. Now he's staying in NY hoping for a break while he plays on the street.

This guy is John Anthony, a very talented Bachata/R&B singer. As noted, Groupo Extreme came to Puerto Rico to sign his talent. Upon advice from his grandfather who was skeptical of the band, John finished high school before coming to the States only to find that Groupo Extreme was not there waiting. Even so, John is upbeat and thanks God for his musical talent. So far he’s been in the US about four months and has been able to get off the street, get an agent and has begun pursuing several deals although nothing is set yet. He hopes to be on La Mega in a few weeks.

Although he’s fallen on some hard times, including $500 worth of fines for playing with a permit, John is determined to stick it out and find his way in New York. He feels it would be selfish to worry his grandfather, who suffers from a heart condition, with his troubles. Although this leads him to another dilemma, he must lie to his grandfather to spare his health.

John describes his music as Bachata mixed with R&B. He started vocal lessons when he was seven and began singing pop but fell in love with bachata the minute he heard it. For those of you who don’t know what bachata is, John describes it as and urban-Latin music which is “a mixture of like, a ballad and Salsa but in slow motion.”

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John’s Influences: Barrio Boys, Boys II Men, Frankie J, Az Yet

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