Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Percussion (Buckets): Larry Wright

Larry Playing

Interview with Larry and Sonya

Larry Wright is a born drummer. When he was five he was living in a “little hotel place” with his mom. When she told him to empty the garbage from a bucket, he ended up turning it into an instrument. Now he makes a living playing in the streets and subways.

Aside from drumming, Larry has brought his other love with him to the street – his wife. It’s fitting really, the two met in the street while he was playing and have been together for 13 years since then. Now they’ve come full circle and Sonya plays with her husband, making music with him for the general public. Larry has taught Sonya everything she knows about drumming and at the time of this interview she had been playing for about 6 months.

Larry and his wife play in the street 7 days a week. They play for a living and to be discovered. Personally Larry believes the government should enact policies to encourage musicians, give them places to play and help them succeed but that doesn’t mean he and his wife don’t love the street; they have tons of fans who give them love. “A lot of people look forward to us…they say we inspire them…they have a hard day of work, they come home, they smile and see us before they get on the train.”

Larry and Sonya are both from the Bronx and are raising a brand new Bronxite names Clarise. On the day of taping it was Clarise’s birthday so…Happy Birthday Clarise!

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Larry’s influences - Ayane, Tito Puente, Max Roach, Buddy Rich
Other vids: Larry Wright

Really like what you hear? Hire Larry and Sonya or go hunting for them yourself
Usual hangouts - 4+5 trains and L at Union Sq Station, 34th St Station, 42nd St Station, 59th St and Lexington Ave. Station.

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Stickman said...

Larry Wright is a drumming legend. I first caught him when PBS aired the film about him when he was 15. Years later I finally found him again online through drummerworld. Hey Larry, I live on the West Coast, so I can't catch you live. When are you putting out a CD? You've got great rhythms to move to!

Moses Sukin said...


Im A Drummer, and i was wondering if i could get in contact with this guy to jam? i have my own bucket.


I would like to get in contact with Larry Wright for a recording studio project.

Please visit www.tomtakatom.com for more information.


Kelly said...

I would like to get in touch with Larry Wright to hire him to perform at a birthday party. How may I contact him?

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