Friday, March 9, 2007

Breakdancing: Mike and Scoogie from DDT Entertainment

Mike and Scoogie breakdancing

Mike and Scoogie breakdancing

Mike and Scoogie breakdancing

Introduction to the show (no dancing but no NYC dance show is without one)

Interview with Mike and Scoogie

Artists: Mike and Scoogie – DDT Entertainment
Medium: Breakdance
Location: Times Square station near the shuttle

Mike and Scoogie are members of DDT Entertainment, a Bronx based operation. Their style of dance incorporates elements of breakdancing, capoeira and gymnastics which makes their shows especially dynamic and entertaining.

Mike fell in love with breaking and performing the moment he saw it and decided to do it himself. Fortunately, his brother had a group and he joined them and refined his craft. Mike, now a master of his art, teaches others how to break in his own group as his brother once did for him. Mike truly loves the art and says he’d like to teach the whole world for free.

Scoogie is Mike’s student and attests to Mike’s skills as a teacher. Scoogie enjoys the fusion breakdance/capoeira/gymnastics he does because he believes it is on the cutting edge of hip-hop culture. Scoogie admires Mike’s talent and joined his group to learn to perform and entertain better.

Scoogie and Mike dance in the Subway for exposure, pocket money and the entertainment of the people. Although they love their art Mike takes a practical view and says “[dancing] is a hobby, you also gotta have a job to fall back on.” Regardless, Mike and Scoogie are proud of what they do and encourage everyone to “always think positive, never negative. What we’re doing down here, we’re doing something positive, not down on the corner or robbin’ or stealing. Always find something positive – keep that in mind.”

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